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About Colorband PhotoArtisans, Oklahoma City wedding photographers in Oklahoma
Oklahoma city wedding photographers, Oklahoma wedding photographers, Colorband PhotoArtisans
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About Us

Believing in love conquers all…

What is a PhotoArtisan?


A PhotoArtisan is a storyteller who is skilled behind the lens, knowing when the moment is just about to happen and catching it forever on film, crafting the image to tell the story and evoke all the emotion of the moment.


We are easy going, passionate about what we do and most of all fun, hopeless romantics. We want to be your friends and grow with you and your family. We are PhotoArtisans. :c)


So What About Colorband?


Colorband sprang up because we, Jamie and I, had the opportunity of photographing a co-worker’s wedding. At the time Jamie was in college and I had a regular day job. Little did we know what we were in for. We discovered that weddings were a blast and decided to put our penchant for photography to good use. So, over 400 weddings later we still find the magic in the love between two people and the wedding day.


We believe that photography is a deeply personal thing and should be a couture experience. Additionally, by building relationships with our couples, we are no longer just witnessing the joining of two people, but the journey of our friends.


Now one thing is for certain, no two weddings are alike. There are similarites but that is just on the surface. The love and heart that is at the center of this event bring up emotions that are as unique as those who feel them. Then there are the in betweens. Those fleeting, touching and often emotionally charged moments that happen in between the bigger moments. That’s the magic and that is Colorband. We love telling life’s story and we simply love what we do!


Roy & Jamie


Aside from firmly believing love conquers all, we also live to tell the stories of love through art. Photography and film just happens to be our medium.


From over the top weddings to intimate celebrations, our goal as photographers remains the same, to artistically document and capture the spirit of the event, so you can live these happy memories again and again. Finding the moments, the tear, the smile, even the loving look right after a embrace, that strings a story together, your story. We are there, simply, to tell your story.

Film (videography)

We love movies! We suppose it all really came from the love of telling stories. Taking our artistic eye and sense of moments and incorporating them in to film making, ending with a movie that tells a special story, your love story. It just thrills us so.